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Stephen King- Mile 81

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OK, I’m all about the touch, feel, look and emotion of a new paperback or if I’m really lucky, a new hardback… but (and I knew the time would come when I’d eventually say it) I’m slightly addicted to digital only releases – where a favourite author releases a new full length novel or short story but only in eBook format.

At the moment I have a list, Stephen King (Mile 81), Michael Connelly (Angle of Investigation & Suicide Run), Dean Koontz (The Moonlit Mind) and R.J. Ellory’s Three Days in Chicagoland.

I can’t get enough, I’m fascinated by the idea of works by such talented (and may I say bestselling) authors not making it to a bookshop shelf. . . .

I don’t currently have an ereader but I think the time is growing closer that I will feel the need to indulge myself and make that purchase. With my commute to work now established as an ambling bus ride rather than a brisk walk the need is growing ever stronger.

I have just finished reading Stephen Kings’ Mile 81 ( ) and I must say it is two of the things I adore about Kings writing; pure unadulterated horror and a short story /nov  ella that leaves you wanting more.

The majority of King’s more recent work has been more mysterious, paranormal, or suspenseful than pure horror but MILE 81 is a return to a  kind of horror that will satisfy those readers who fell in love with King back in the CUJO, CHRISTINE, and IT days.

We meet Pete Simmons, our unlikely hero, heading into trouble just off the I95 at mile marker 81 and to be fair that’s about as far as I’m willing to go….

I now intend on spending the rest of the afternoon curled up in my reading chair well and truly ensconced in Koontz.