My favourite book?

In Book Reviews, what i'm reading now. . . on June 17, 2012 by mrsdillemma

I read a blog post this morning that got me thinking, (for those at home: Can we really just have one favourite book, I’m with her – I have dozens of favourites and I always forget one and think later, damn, thats right, that was really good. So, no I don’t have a favourite book I have a couple of dozen favourites!

For me, it’s really the author that does it, I find one I like and devour all of their work, sometimes it takes days, sometimes years. But along the way I collect titles and other authors of a likeminded persuasion to follow up on when I’m done.

I started this process at university, I took courses that had required reading lists (I always found that harder than choosing a book myself) so I devoured them the summer before and then re-read them as course work required.

But the course that changed my reading life was AMST 106 – Contemporary American Literature. It sounds like a try hard addition to a classical history degree and it probably was to start with but when I’d finished with Don Dellilo’s White Noise I was hooked. Delillo, Pynchon and Kerouac, I’d read them all again in a second. I have branched out from that core group and added Bradbury, Easton Ellis, Auster and I think my favourite Philip Roth. I still have a to read list (titled contemporaries) that continues to grow exponentially; I’ve recently added Jonathan Lethem, Zoe Heller and John Updike.

Having said all of the I will continue to revel in a fiendishly good thriller, probably more often than not. Having just devoured R.J Ellory’s Three days in Chicagoland, Stephen King’s Mile 81 and Karin Slaughter’s Unremarkable Heart. I love an odball character, a gruesome murder and a hero cop / lawyer / journalist that saves the day. I have a list of to reads that is as long as my contemporaries list and it just seems to get longer everyday, the authors I like seem to time their writing to release a new title each and every month and I just cant keep up.

I have a couple of New Zealand authors who are at the top of my “I must read their latest work the second it hits the shelves” Vanda Symon, Neil Cross & Paul Cleave ( all three have been nominated for the 2012 Ngaio Marsh Best New Zealand Crime Novel ) and there are a number of International authors who are outstanding storytellers, I would recommend their writing to anyone who enjoys a good thriller; strong storyline with powerful characters and an exciting enviroment  – Harlan Coben, Jeffery Deaver, Iain Banks and Tami Hoag.

To conclude, instead of telling you what my favourites are I’ll tell you what’s on my ‘to read next’ list;

Suicide Run – Connelly, Michael.

Night Shift – King, Stephen.

Americana, -Dellilo, Don.

Paper Towns – Green, John.

Gold – Cleave, Chris.

Collecting Cooper – Cleave, Paul.

Bring up the Bodies – Mantel, Hilary.

Bad Monkeys – Ruff, Matt.





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