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Wool – Hugh Howey

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With a beginning that internet legends are made of, short stories going viral on Amazon, movie rights sold to Ridley Scott at 20th Century Fox and finally an actual paperback. . .  Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? the science fiction version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

But, the Fifty Shades comparison does the author an injustice, Howey can write. What sets Wool apart from hundreds of thousands of self-published e-books is that it’s a good and compelling story, and very well told.  There are times at which his writing is a little clumsy and the characters a tad wooden and predictable but with a story this bold he can be forgiven. His work is  frightening, its intriguing claustrophobicly and most of all its thoroughly engrossing – a dystopian vision of the future especially in these times of global warming.

Hugh Howey has created a world to rival Orwells 1984, a future in which earth is a toxic wasteland and the survivors live in giant silos underground. The first section of the book ( there are 5 ) revolves around the ritual of the Cleaning – cameras are positioned at ground level to provide images of the toxic remnants of their planet and the cameras gradually get coated in filth, so, the silo authority issues punishment sentences to heretics where they are sent outside to their certain death to clean the cameras.

Wool is the kind of science fiction novel you can give to those who love the genre and those who never read the stuff and they’ll love it.