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The aliens are invading silently. . . should I care?

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silent invasionThe Silent Invasion – spores from space, plants, animals, humans all becoming part of a vast alien intelligence, 2 girls fleeing to the zone – this all sounded like fun, wrapped up in a neat little bundle, packaged in a YA wrapper. I hadn’t read any science fiction recently and I thought this could be a nice little foray into the genre which could lead to more. . . . or it could put me off forever.

James Bradley has produced a post apocalyptic tale following Callie, and her younger sister Grace, fleeing authorities across eastern Australia in an effort to reach the mysterious zone. We are told that Grace has become infected and according to law should be immediate quarantined, we know she and Callie are running from this quarantine but we are never really told why, or what they are hoping to achieve. This lack of direction hampers Bradley’s storytelling and the narrative is very slow moving, I would not hesitate to call it tedious in parts.

Bradley’s story is a little cliche, Callie becomes romantically involved but it seems somewhat pointless, if that portion of the text and the unnecessary violence ( especially the scene in which a dog is tortured ) were removed it could make a great adventure sci-fi read for a slightly younger age range. The Silent Invasion is just trying to hard to be relevant to young adult readers, the writing is clunky and overly wordy, the characters dreary and the plot; all to familiar ( the 5th Wave anyone? )

Perhaps if Bradley had written the Silent Invasion as a standalone title and not the first in a trilogy I would have enjoyed where the story could go, but as it stands, I do not care enough about the characters or the story line, to read volumes 2 and 3.



Do not push – Kyle Mewburn

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Mewburn, K. (2011). Do not push. Auckland, New Zealand: Scholastic New Zealand.

[humour / contemporary realistic chapter book]

In Do not push Kyle Mewburn puts our hero, Cam, in an impossible situation.

In an uninhabited forest that’s just over the back fence, down a gully he’s never seen before and standing in front of a large red button labelled do not push….

Cam pushes the button and things change, he returns to a world without rules, without consequences, without repercussions. Mum and Dad behave differently, the entire neighbourhood appears to have gone round the bend…. and now if you need to know how Cam survives and fixes the world then this is one book you need to read.

Mewburn has hit the nail on the head with his short punchy chapters and clipped dialogue; the format is perfectly suited to that group of kids just coming to grips with chapter books, whether they are 6 or 16 and Sarah Anderson’s illustrations add a quirky, yet thoroughly entertaining dimension to this book.

What would you do if there was a big red button with a do not push sign attached? You’d push it, right? I know I would!