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Quaky Cat

In Book Reviews,Childrens Picture Books,NZ lit reviews on December 11, 2011 by mrsdillemma

Noonan, D. (2010). Quaky Cat. Auckland, New Zealand: Scholastic New Zealand.

[Picture Storybook]

In the aftermath of the Christchurch’s September earthquake, Diana Noonan decided to do her part to help quake victims the only way she could – by writing a story for children about what happened that morning from the perspective of a bright orange cat called Tiger.

Tiger wakes, it is 4:35am and its pitch black, the earthquake strikes and he bolts out of the house. Tiger looks for safety as the town quakes, shakes, rolls and rumbles all around him. Scared, lost and alone, he scours the neighbourhood for his owner Emma in the ensuing chaos.

A thoroughly delightful story, Quaky Cat acknowledges the terrifying and sad experiences children went through during and after the earthquake but also ends with a hopeful and reassuring message for those children and their families left homeless by the quake – Love and hugs are what make a family, not its house.

Quaky Cat is one of this year’s standout picture books. It is perfect as a bedtime story and ideal to be used in a story reading session for little ones and with 50% of the proceeds donated to Christchurch charities, if you don’t already own it – Go out and buy one!